George Orwell

Orwell's idea of the only viable, long-term remedy for the ills of society is, I believe, summed up by him in this quote:

"If you hate violence and don't believe in politics, the only major remedy remaining is education. Perhaps society is past praying for, but there is always hope for the individual human being."

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, Goldstein says that the Proles do not and never will rise up, because of their lack of education, meaning that they do not have the intellectual skills to comprehend the larger view of life and the society in which they live. It appears that Orwell's quote about education being the only remedy, and that there is always hope for the individual human being, are directly connected with his view of the inability of the Proles to progress and change their lives and their society.

Of course, the Proles are reflective of the vast majority of citizens in the industrialized countries (and even the not so industrialized countries) of the world. And, it seems, that, taken broadly, Orwell's point is that the "people" (the Proles) in all societies continue to be ruled (and tyrannized) from above, because they lack the education to really consciously understand their own predicament, that is, their powerlessness (and the true tyranny under which they live).

As in the all too "real" fictional world of Nighteen Eighty-Four, today, in newspapers, on the radio and, more than in any other way, on television, the "people" are fed a daily diet of drivel about how free and well off they are. But they are not free, because their fates are not really in their own hands, and their futures are not really of their own making. They are free only to conform and quietly obey the commands of their masters (who, because they "elect" them, they so foolishly think are their servants).

Great amounts of money place the power in the hands of the few (who arrange the "election" of the rulers of the people), and the people criticize their leaders and, more importantly, those behind the scene funding them and pulling the strings, in any true and substantive and effective way at their peril.

One example of this, shockingly obvious, is the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. Although the target of harassment by the U.S. government, and specifically by the FBI, for many years, King was not actually harmed as long as his efforts were aimed exclusively at American "racial" injustice. But, when King began pointing to both the injustice of American international tyranny (specifically, the war in Vietnam), and American domestic (economic) tyranny, which is designed to and did and does keep millions of Americans in abject poverty, or deceptively as "wage slaves", King was almostly immediately killed. This, I believe, was no mere coincidence, but a pointed and determined effort by the government and military and capitalistic forces to silence what they saw as a very "dangerous" man, who publically spoke the truth, pointed the finger of guilt at them and, most importantly, was gaining the support of millions, all of which could not and would not be tolerated by those who rule.

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