George Orwell

In his lifetime, George Orwell was not greatly famous nor even widely read, he held no government position and exerted no real influence on world affairs. Of his books, only Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four are at all still read or even generally remembered. Why then should you be interested in George Orwell? Simply because, more clearly than most, as other great prophets have, Orwell saw and wrote the truth. And he left it for us.

Orwell did not invent the truth; no one did. The truth has been around since the very beginning of time (and maybe even before that). And, Orwell's truth is not merely "The Truth According To Orwell"; it is THE truth. It is that truth which has been at all times and still is struggled after by all religions, by all men and women, and will be for as long as individuals feel and need to express their feelings and their own individuality.

This truth, that Orwell saw and tells us of, is something enduring which is in everyone and everything that exists. When (and if) we get down to really feeling it, it's pretty obvious. Thus, the writings of George Orwell, the best of which is Nineteen Eighty-Four, present a deeply emotional picture of the truth and the disturbing consequences of our turning from it. Orwell presents us with a picture of humanity; of US. Orwell's genius is that he could see it so clearly and create such simple but incredibly powerful images and ideas with which to express this truth.

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